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Rating the 5 Best Finishers in the WWE today

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To succeed in WWE, you must have a lot of things; a great look, athleticism, charisma, a great entrance and many other things, but something that can crown all of that is a great finishing move, so when that's combined with all those other things, you have the recipe for a megastar within the WWE. Some finishers are showy and not very impactful (AA, The People's Elbow, STF just to name a few), while others hit the spot just right, and in today's WWE, there is no shortage of incredible finishers.

This was one of the hardest lists to make, as there are many that could have made the list (Helluva Kick, RKO, Sister Abigail, Shatter Machine, Pop-Up Powerbomb, Running Knee), but we have put together a great list of the 5 best finishing moves used in the WWE today.

#5 In-Sane Elbow

Kairi Sane's move is quite effective
Kairi Sane's move is quite effective

A simple elbow drop from the top rope has been done so often throughout WWE's history, and some people make it look great while others don't, but it's safe to say that none do it better than former NXT Women's Champion and newest member of Smackdown Live, Kairi Sane. This is a move that she's been using since her days in Stardom in Japan, but no matter how many times you see it, you have to just marvel at how smooth and beautiful the Pirate Princess makes this move look.

While others simply drop the elbow, Sane uses all of her bodyweight to come crashing down through her opponents chest, and so far, few performers in the world have managed to kick out. Now that she's alongside Asuka on Smackdown Live, the duo have some pretty devastating finishers to put opponents away, and it's only a matter of time until the In-Sane Elbow claims Kairi her first taste of gold on the main roster.

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