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WWE News: Ryback reveals if there is real heat between The Miz and Daniel Bryan

Greg Bush
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The Miz a
The Miz and Daniel Bryn bring out the best in each other on screen.

What's the Story?

It's no secret to wrestling fans that some of the greatest feuds are engulfed in real life backstage heat. Sometimes real life aggression adds something to an on screen relationship that you can't replicate any other way, and it's been rumored for years that one such relationship has formed between The Miz and Daniel Bryan.

In case you didn't know...

The Miz and Daniel Bryan have had an interesting on-screen rivalry. From day one of the original NXT, Miz made sure to punish and demean the American Dragon the second he first appeared in front of the WWE Universe. Their chemistry has been undeniable, and their almost decade long feud has always garnered great fan reaction.

The two have been butting heads since 2010, and the duo has even swapped titles on occasion, with Daniel Bryan winning his first title from the Miz after the first season of NXT.

After Bryan's retirement, many believed that this long standing feud had come to an abrupt end. However, WWE proved us wrong after the brand split last year, as the Miz and Daniel Bryan ended up having the best feud on Smackdown Live.

Talking Smack was a vital tool for the rivalry between Miz and Bryan, and on one particular episode, Miz seemed to go off script for a few minutes, causing Bryan to abruptly leave before the show was over.

The heart of the matter

On a recent episode of Ryback's Podcast, "Conversations with the Big Guy," Ryback was asked a handful of questions about Daniel Bryan and the Miz. The Big Guy went over topics such as Daniel Bryan's disdain for non-wrestling roles and how, even in the early days of Tough Enough, he respected The Miz's work ethic and heart. One of the questions Ryback received was if the two had any real heat backstage.

Him (Miz) and Dan, it's all f--king fake! Even if that was them taking shots at each other, they're still in a f--king scripted environment.
...Daniel Bryan has nothing but respect for The Miz and The Miz really helped him a lot early on, and Daniel Bryan helped Miz too with everything.

What's next?

The Miz has been the star of the 2016-2017 season. His feuds with Ziggler and Ambrose have been top notch, and his continued rivalry with Daniel Bryan has been consistently entertaining.


After his draft to Raw, many fans wondered if he'd get lost in the shuffle of the flagship show. However, he has continued to stick out even on a show that is stacked with star power.

The Miz recently announced on Monday Night Raw that he and his wife Maryse are having a child.

Author's Take

I can't say I'm shocked that the Miz and Daniel Bryan don't have real life heat. The Miz has shown, especially in the past few years, that he's at his best when he can make promos feel personal. He took shots at Dolph Ziggler in 2016 that felt so real, many fans wondered if Ziggler was leaving after the feud.

He brings out the best in his opponents and the best out of a crowd because he plays the arrogant, annoying character so well. Not to mention the amazing on screen chemistry he and Daniel Bryan have had since NXT. The two were meant to feud with each other.

It's sad that we'll never see a final blow off match between the two, but we can always hope for more trash talk in the future.

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