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WWE Rumour Mill: Reasons behind WWE filming Superstar surgeries possibly revealed

Johny Payne
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WWE Superstars deal with injuries and surgeries on a frequent basis
WWE Superstars deal with injuries and surgeries on a frequent basis

What’s the story?

As reported by PWInsider, a few reasons behind WWE filming its Superstars’ surgeries have possibly been revealed.

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Apparently, the WWE does so largely for insurance purposes. Besides, additional details regarding WWE choosing to document said surgeries on video have also been discussed.

In case you didn’t know…

The WWE has been known to film the surgeries that its Superstars undergo, for several years now.

Footage from the Superstars’ surgical procedures are often utilized after said Superstars return to in-ring competition—with said footage serving as a tool for WWE to promote its Superstars in a better light; emphasizing their toughness and the sacrifices that the performers make for this industry.

The heart of the matter

It’s now being asserted that the WWE films its Superstars’ surgeries should they need to utilize the footage in a documentary in ensuing years; and/or in order to provide fans an update on their favorite Superstar’s return.

Additionally, it was explained that filming the surgical procedures would be beneficial for WWE, as regards insurance purposes.

In reference to the same, it was noted that should the surgical procedure go wrong, the WWE would have their own footage of said procedure and could utilize it as a safety measure since the promotion pays for its Superstars’ surgeries.

What’s next?

As previously reported, multiple WWE Superstars’ injuries have been revealed over the past few weeks—including that of a current WWE titleholder.

The vast majority of professional wrestling experts believe that the WWE is likely to continue filming its Superstars’ surgeries in the years to come.

The WWE has been commended worldwide for its excellent safety procedures and the attention to detail when it comes to handling emergency situations concerning its Superstars.

In fact, WWE is regarded as one of the premier sports organizations when it comes to injury-rehabilitation for its athletes.

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