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Reigns talks about his fitness regime, Rollins stealing his moment, more

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Roman Reigns won’t feel complete until he takes his revenge on Seth Rollins

Roman Reigns had dreams of making it big as a pro wrestler and playing in the NFL. His football career ended with Edmonton Eskimos after he left college in 2008. After football was done he decided to enter the family business in 2010. 

Reigns, whose real name is Leati Joseph Anoa’i, had a breakout year in 2015. He won the Royal Rumble, which gained him entrance to the main event at WrestleMania.The former Shield member recently sat down for an interview and spoke about a host of topics including his workout, injuries and of course Seth Rollins. Below are some excerpts:

On how he works out:

Reigns says he was a big boy down in the trenches. So he had to knock off some football weight, to a more aesthetic look. It took him three years to get comfortable at 320, then suddenly was required to drop weight. So he had to cut down on his portions in half and stopped eating as a 300-pound man and more like 240-260-pound guy. On his workouts he say’s he is pretty much old school and does a lot of squats, Olympic lifts and heavy compound movements. He doesn’t believe in flipping the log 50 times and says he has trained himself for being explosive.

“My workouts are all about moving a lot weight very fast. I’m old school. I do squats, Olympic lifts and heavy compound movements. I’m not the guy, who is going to be flipping a log 50 times. I have always trained for explosion and it shows in the ring”, he says.

On the most painful thing to happen to him:

Reigns comes across a pretty strong guy, but says injuries are a part and parcel of the job. He picks Big Show, who is over 7 feet, choke-slammed me out of the ring and through some tables. He says after the incident he threw up blood for a couple of days.

“Anytime a grown man picks you up over his head with the intention of dropping it’s going to hurt. But if I had to pick one, it would be the time Big Show, who is over 7 feet, choke-slammed me out of the ring and through some tables. I threw up blood for a couple of days after that one.”

On which wrestler he wants to work with at Wrestlemania:

Reigns says no matter with whom he is feuding, with whom he has his hands full with, Seth is always on his mind. He says he will never forgive Seth for stealing his moment and won’t feel complete until he has his payback. He also goes on to proclaim no matter what, he’s going to take the belt of Rollins waist.

“No matter what I’m going to always want to take the belt of Rollins. He stole my moment and I’ll never forget what he did to me. It may look like my hands are full with the Wyatt’s, but Seth is always on my mind. I won’t feel complete until I pay him back.”

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