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Remembering Eddie Guerrero: 10 wrestlers who have paid tribute to the late Superstar over the years

Ali Akber
Modified 10 Oct 2019

#2 Christian Cage

Eddie Guerrero was a close friend and also an inspiration to Christian, who became known as one of the most underrated top wrestlers in the industry.

After Eddie’s death, Christian continued to speak highly of the Superstar and remember him in numerous interviews to show the big mark he’d left on Christian and his career.

The time that followed saw Christian bring out Eddie’s signature 'Frogsplash' move many times to pay homage to the late Superstar and remind fans of the impact Eddie had on the world of wrestling.

#3 CM Punk

CM Punk holds Eddie in high regards
CM Punk holds Eddie in high regards

While CM Punk has had his differences with WWE for a long time, one thing he has gotten out of the company that really benefitted him was Eddie’s influence.


Punk first battled Eddie long ago in 2002 when the two fought along with Rey Mysterio in an unforgettable Triple Threat Match at IWA Mid-South in 2002.

Since then, Punk was hooked on to Eddie’s talent and has dedicated many of his matches and his wins to the former WWE Heavyweight Champion.

Punk has also used some of Eddie’s dirty tactics to his benefit during matches and stolen victories that have enabled him to become one of the major Superstars who’ve reminded fans of the late Superstar.

Published 10 Oct 2019, 18:00 IST
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