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WWE News: Reason for Dana Brooke and Charlotte pairing revealed

4.50K   //    03 Jul 2016, 19:23 IST
There’s a rather vivid story behind the Brooke-Charlotte partnership

According to, there’s a little more to the Dana Brooke and Charlotte partnership than meets the eye, with the pairing a tactical move on the part of the WWE top brass. 

The powers-that-be within the WWE are of the opinion that Dana Brooke has all the right ingredients to be one of the company’s top talents, but agree that she’s still too raw to stand on her own feet just yet, hence the pair up.

WWE officials believe that Charlotte, and by extension Ric Flair, will be just the right people to mentor Dana and help her reach her full potential.

There was talk of WWE setting up Emma as Brooke’s partner, but after the former picked up a back injury, officials decided to look to another experienced wrestler to act as Dana’s mentor.  

Rumour mills also spun a tale of WWE planning to pair Dana with Eva Marie, but Charlotte was ultimately decided on due to her enviable experience in WWE as well as her being a member of the Flair family, which is one name that holds a lot of weight in the franchise. 

Whether the partnership ultimately matures into a beneficial one for Dana remains to be seen.