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The curious case of The Revival

Ron Valliere
644   //    18 Feb 2018, 11:29 IST

Images of Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson of The Revival tag team in WWE.
The Revival tag team of Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson

The Revival avenged their loss to The Balor Club from last week’s episode of RAW. More importantly, the win may have revived their ranking in the Raw tag team division. In case you missed Raw last week, Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson fell to the makeshift team of Finn Balor and Karl Anderson. A second consecutive loss could have sent The Revival plummeting in the tag team rankings. However, the former NXT Tag Team Champions were able to come up with a hard-fought victory over Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows.

Cost of a Loss

A second consecutive loss to The Balor Club would have been devastating. Fans may have started to think of The Revival as jobbers. The Revival would have fallen into a group that includes teams such as Titus Worldwide and The Ascension. Dash and Dawson would have been a team struggling to be relevant in WWE.

Rewards of Winning

A win keeps The Revival relevant and in contention for the Raw tag team championship. The Revival is starting to look a lot like The Brain Busters tag team of Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard from the 1980s. The Revival, like Anderson and Blanchard before them, are a heel tag team using brains over brawn to win matches. Like The Brain Busters, Dash and Dawson could be WWE tag team champions. The Revival could be getting their shot at the titles very soon. Raw tag team champions The Bar are currently without number one contenders. Seth Rollins has stopped his pursuit of the tag team titles in favor of the Universal Championship. The Revival’s win over Anderson and Gallows couldn’t have come at a better time.

What Matters

In the scripted world of WWE, wins and losses still matter. Just ask Dolph Ziggler. No matter how hard WWE tries to push Ziggler, he has far too many defeats for fans to take him seriously. The Revival’s win over the former Raw Tag Team Champions mattered. It mattered because a loss might have had fans starting to think about The Revival as jobbers. Your WWE opinions matter! Was this a do or die situation for The Revival? Or do you think they could have survived back to back losses and remained relevant on Raw? In WWE, do wins and losses still matter? Sound off in comments!

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