Rhea Ripley should replace Dominik Mysterio with 38-year-old RAW Superstar following Liv Morgan incident

Will Rhea ripley replace Dominik Mysterio after Liv Morgan kissing incident on WWE RAW? Let
Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio (left), Liv Morgan (right) [Image source: Ripley's Instagram and wwe.com]

The latest edition of WWE RAW saw Liv Morgan kiss Dominik Mysterio in the show's closing moments, leaving fans wondering about Rhea Ripley's potential reaction to the controversial incident.

Heartbroken over Dominik's apparent betrayal, Mami could ditch him upon her return. However, she might still need someone in her corner if Dominik and Morgan continue competing.

Ripley could find an exciting new ally in Jey Uso on WWE RAW. The latter is most likely to accept the offer. He might even be the first to propose that they work together.

Jey Uso openly flirted with Rhea Ripley on WWE RAW

Jey Uso has an extended history with The Judgment Day, most of which has seen him fight against the heel faction. However, he has always had a soft corner for Rhea Ripley. The 38-year-old has openly flirted with Mami during their segments and mentions her fondly despite his disdain for the heel faction.

If the group eventually sides with Dominik Mysterio and Liv Morgan, we could see Jey Uso come to Rhea Ripley's aid. Mami could seek a massive alliance with Jey on WWE RAW, and we might see the creative team explore a potential romantic angle between the two superstars.

New mixed tag team on WWE RAW

Another interesting outcome of Rhea Ripley's future alliance with Jey Uso could give us an incredible tag team. They are both entertaining superstars inside the ring and on the microphone. Their pairing would allow them to take on Liv Morgan and Dominik Mysterio together.

The abovementioned feud would likely establish more mixed tag teams, which would, in turn, leave room for other storylines. If Jey Uso and Ripley do well together, we could also see real-life WWE couples eventually work together on screen as mixed tag teams.

Biggest babyfaces on WWE RAW come together for mutual goal

Jey Uso is arguably the biggest babyface on WWE RAW. Although Rhea Ripley was booked as the number one heel until her injury, many fans treated her as a top babyface. Considering everything that has transpired since they left for recovery, we will likely see Mami make an unforgettable return as a mega babyface character.

Ripley's alliance with Jey Uso, even briefly, would help the creative team tie two of their biggest superstars together around SummerSlam 2024. Interestingly, this mutually beneficial pairing has the potential to play a pivotal role in their highly anticipated championship victories.

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