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WWE News: Ric Flair says The Ultimate Warrior gave him the two worst matches of the career

Rohit Nath
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The Nature Boy’s worst dance partner?

Ric Flair has had an illustrious 40-year career, in which he has done it all and wrestled them all. He’s had good experiences and bad experiences. One of the bad experiences, according to The Nature Boy, is with one-time WWE Champion and WWE Hall Of Famer The Ultimate Warrior. On his podcast, The Ric Flair Show, he said

I’m wrestling the Warrior in Winnipeg [Canada], right? I’m the champion. And the match, Mike, probably, the second worst match I ever had in my life. The first being when I wrestled The Warrior in Phoenix [Arizona] and he dropped me on my head. Okay?

He even recounted his conversation with Pat Petterson after the match: 

“So I come back from the ring. I knew the match just was absolutely brutal. And Pat Patterson goes to me, ‘that was the worst f--king match I've ever seen in my life'. And I said, 'you're telling me, motherf****? I was in it!'”

Flair proceeded to state that the head injury prevented him from having a great match with Bret Hart later that year when he dropped the title to him at a live event. That was Hart’s first title, but his coronation didn’t happen until Wrestlemania X in 1994. 

His podcast, The Ric Flair Show, is available on MLW Radio. In the podcast, which is co-hosted by his friend Conrad Thompson, The Nature Boy tells some of the great stories from his time on the road as a wrestler.

Post limit is the R-rated stuff, which he is naturally not allowed to speak to in the podcast. He had mentioned in the previous episode that another legend he found “impossible” to work with was Rick Rude, especially during the peak of his drug addiction.

Here is a house show match between Ric Flair, who was then the champion, against The Ultimate Warrior

Here is the legendary Warrior cutting a promo on the Nature Boy

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