ROH News: Brandi Rhodes reveals how she and Cody started dating

Brandi Rhodes made Cody's acquaintance in the WWE
Brandi Rhodes made Cody's acquaintance in the WWE

What’s the story?

In an interview with Wrestlinginc, Brandi Rhodes revealed how she and Cody began dating.

Additionally, Brandi also opened up on whether Cody will make more prominent appearances on the WAGS Atlanta reality series, and also spoke about how she is more career-oriented than most others on the aforementioned E! reality show.

In case you didn’t know…

Brandi Rhodes worked for the WWE briefly in 2011, following which she had another stint with the promotion from 2013-16.

She married former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes during their time together in the WWE.

The heart of the matter

Brandi said that the two started dating suddenly, so to speak, and that Cody didn’t initially seem too interested in her but suddenly became fascinated and started devoting more time to her, which in turn led to other girls in the locker room advising her that Cody definitely likes her. Brandi added that early on in their relationship, she didn’t want to get involved romantically as she was new in the WWE and didn’t want to risk hurting her career, but after a month of Cody asking her out, she finally agreed. She continued—

“All along I definitely did want to go out with him. I was very into him, but it took a while…It just naturally happened, and it was one of those things where we were on the road all the time. People say it all the time, you are with these people more than you are with your family so a lot of times they do become your family.”

Brandi said that she and Cody work considerably hectic schedules, and the latter has been very busy wresting all over the world since 2016, and although fans may see him featured alongside her on WAGS Atlanta, it remains to be seen how prominent his role in the show is.

Brandi also emphasised that unlike most homemaker women on WAGS Atlanta, she prefers earning her own money rather than merely being a housewife.

What’s next?

Cody and Brandi Rhodes presently perform on the independent professional wrestling circuit with the former having signed a full-time deal with ROH. Fans can expect Cody to continue on his quest to recapture the ROH Championship that he lost to Dalton Castle.

Author’s take

The couple may very well be one of the top couples in professional wrestling today.

Brandi’s story about their relationship blossoming truly is ‘Too Sweet’, and here’s hoping the duo go on to ascend to the very top of the pro-wrestling food chain.

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