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ROH News: Young Bucks put out a "Too Sweet Me" Music Video on Twitter

247   //    12 Oct 2017, 00:03 IST

The Young Bucks release a music video

The Young Bucks release a music video

What's the story?

Young Bucks put out a music video called "Too Sweet Me" on Twitter. The music video was their last farewell to the "Too Sweet" hand gesture, which the duo used as a tribute to the Kliq while wrestling.

In case you don't know....

Until recently, The Young Bucks used the "Too Sweet" hand gesture and the DX "Suck it" gestures while wrestling. The gesture was also used by a large number of other Bullet Club members, but The Young Bucks used it the most often.

After the Bullet Club invasion of Raw, WWE handed the Young Bucks a Cease and Desist letter which prevented them from being able to use the "Too Sweet" hand gesture and also having the phrase on their merchandise.

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The heart of the matter

In the previous weeks, the Young Bucks have auctioned off their "Too Sweet" Tights and donated the proceeds to a charity, and they also burnt their Too Sweet merchandise on an episode of "Being the Elite".

Now the Young Bucks released a music video on Twitter called "Too Sweet Me (RIP Too Sweet). The video is a compilation of clips with people saying Too Sweet taken during the invasion. The video's audio consists of music the credit of which Nick Jackson gave to his father, Matthew Lee Massie.

The video seems to be their last farewell to the hand gesture they used for so many days.

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What's next?

The Young Bucks are unlikely to let a Cease and Desist letter get them down and will find other hand gestures to suit them, preferably with no copyright on them.

Author's take

The only negative side of this is that there is a huge chance that the Cease and Desist letter will have created ill feeling between them and WWE, reducing their chances of joining the world's largest wrestling promotion in the near future. They are immensely successful on the indies, but a run in the WWE would give them a chance to reach an even wider audience.

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