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WWE News: Roman Reigns comments on a possible Shield reunion

Could we soon be witnessing a reunion of The Shield?

The Shield

Arguably one of the most dominant stables in WWE history, The Shied took the WWE Universe by storm when they hit the scene in WWE.

With muscle man Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins dominating the tag team circuit as the division’s champions, and wildman Dean Ambrose serving as the United States Champion, The Shield will forever go down in WWE history of one of the most highly decorated and accomplished stables in the company’s history.

The three men have since split up after ‘The Architect’ Seth Rollins betrayed his Shield brothers with a steel chair to their backs, and have now each had their fair turn with the WWE Title as well.

Current WWE United States Champ Roman Reigns, however, has yet to rule out a possible reunion with his fellow Shield members. As quoted in Givemesport;

“I think those guys have a deep love and respect for what The Shield did for us and what it represents.

“For me, there are times I miss it, the six-man matches we were having, the tag team matches, it seemed like we were doing it every night with the new cast on the other side, but it’s really good every single time.

"For me, that’s a good place to learn and grow and push myself to be ready for the spot I’m in right now.

"As The Shield, we felt like we dominated the main event and we’re still doing that. We’re very proud of that.

"I would never say never. I think we’re all very happy with where we’re at. It’s going to take something drastic, something huge in the WWE to bring The Shield back. I think nothing’s impossible in the WWE. As we always say, stay tuned.”

With Reigns currently embroiled in his program with Rusev, Rollins currently feuding with WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens over the coveted new title, and the now former WWE Champion Dean Ambrose set to take some time off to do work on a WWE Studios film later this month, it is unlikely we see the three reunite anytime soon.

It is not impossible, however, for us to see a reunion some point down the line.

We already saw a bit of a reunion when Rollins came out to ‘save’ Reigns from the attack of Owens and Rusev inside a steel cage, but Rollins later took to Twitter to affirm he did it only for himself. What are your thoughts on a possible Shield reunion?

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