Roman Reigns to unveil new character, reunites with Jimmy Uso & more - 4 ways he could return at WWE Clash at the Castle

Roman Reigns could be back next weekend
Roman Reigns could be back next weekend [Photo credits:]

Roman Reigns was last seen at WrestleMania XL when he lost the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship to Cody Rhodes. It took a lot of interference to take that title away from Reigns and he has since taken a few months to recharge ahead of what could be an explosive return.

In his absence, The Bloodline is no longer recognizable and it seems that Solo Sikoa seems to be taking orders from someone who may not be Roman Reigns. Could Clash at the Castle: Scotland be the best place for the return of The real Tribal Chief?

Here we shall look at four possible ways The Head of the Table could return next weekend at the premium live event in Glasgow, Scotland.

#4. Attacks Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes doesn't have a challenger for Clash at the Castle: Scotland as of writing, but it's unlikely that he will be without a match when WWE travels to Scotland next weekend. Since Rhodes is the man who took the title away from The Bloodline, it's common sense to expect any storyline with Reigns' return involving the current champion.

If Rhodes is up against a Bloodline member at Clash at the Castle, it would be interesting to see if Reigns returns to attack his former rival or if he returns with a completely different mindset.

#3. Reveals that he was indeed working with Solo Sikoa

It would be interesting to see Roman Reigns' reaction to the new Bloodline if he makes a surprise return this weekend. It still seems unclear if he has been pushing forward Solo Sikoa's plan all along. The former World Champion has to return for the first time in four years without a title and could continue with the same story.

While many fans believe that he could have a change of character, there is the possibility that he has been controlling The Bloodline all along and it was indeed he that made the decision to kick Jimmy Uso out and recruit Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa.

#2. Reunites with Jimmy Uso

Jimmy Uso is reportedly injured, after being kicked out of The Bloodline following his loss to Jey Uso at WrestleMania XL. Jimmy has since been on hiatus from WWE, but could have been working with Roman Reigns behind the scenes to reunite the old Bloodline.

If Reigns didn't agree with the idea that Uso was kicked out of The Bloodline then he could push for him to be added back, but at the moment it's unclear if Reigns has been removed from the group following his WrestleMania XL loss.

#1. Roman Reigns returns as a face, confronts Solo Sikoa

There is a lot of hope within the WWE Universe that Reigns will ultimately make a return to WWE as a face.

His actions with Paul Heyman on the ramp at WrestleMania XL have led to many fans to believe that Reigns will return as a face and he could even go up against his former stable.

Solo Sikoa has created his own team and Roman Reigns could reunite The Usos and even bring in Jacob Anoa'i in order to set up another Bloodline Civil War.

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