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Rosa Mendes speaks about working with Fandango, Total Divas, more

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WWE Diva Rosa Mendes

WWE Diva Rosa Mendes who is currently managing WWE Star Fandango recently spoke with to promote the return of WWE Total Divas. She spoke about her best friends Paige and Alicia Fox being added into the cast and how they are comfortable with each other presence. She spoke about her rivalry with The Bella Twins and Cameron, her Costa-Rican roots, and more. Below are some of the highlights from her interview, check out her full interview here

What can viewers expect in the next half of season three?

Well my two best friends, Paige and Alicia Fox, got added to the cast. We’re all really, really alike. We’re all free-spirited [and] we don’t have filters. When we all hang out together we’re so comfortable in front of each other that we are able to act like ourselves and not be shy. We’re not judgmental towards one another. So it’s really, really cool that they got added because now I can be around other Divas that are more like me, which is a lot easier for me

Speaking of Paige and Alicia, we heard your clique rivals the Bella Twins and Cameron. How will this change the dynamic?

Well we call ourselves the three amigas and we’re very, very close. We’re very protective of one another, and we’re very tough and truthful to one another. When a problem arises we’re not afraid to call each other out and it can get very intense [Laughs] to say the least. If I get in a confrontation with other Divas, like let’s say Ariane, I’ll kind of be more reserved and I won’t voice how angry I am because she and I are not as close.

I respect her and I respect her work, but we’re not as close so I won’t tell her exactly what’s pissing me off. Whereas with Paige and Alicia Fox, they’re so close to me that we’ve actually gone nose-to-nose. We never touched each other because we never do that, but it gets very, very heated [Laughs]. And after that we make-up, we hug it out, and everything’s fine but it gets to the point where we’re like, wow that was really intense.

It’s cool that you can learn about yourself from watching back.

Oh my God, absolutely!

So you’re not the only Latina Total Diva, since the Bella Twins and Eva Marie are Mexican-Italian, but you’re the only Costa Rican Latina. Can you tell us a little bit about your roots?

I’m half Czechoslovakian and half Costa Rican and so growing up there was a lot of Mozart and merengue playing in my house. It’s really cool because I have the best of both worlds. My father is extremely cultured, he taught me a lot about history. I’ve been to Prague and I’ve seen castles that were built 2 to 300 years ago.

And I also have my mother, who’s loving, and passionate, and feisty, and just so charismatic. She’s very much a free spirit and very spiritual, so when it comes to serious situations, I call both of my parents.

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