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WWE Royal Rumble 2018: Predicting the men's final four

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Happy New Year folks! The Road to Wrestlemania has officially begun and the first and most important step towards the grand extravaganza is none other than the Royal Rumble.

On 28th of January, for the first time, the event will feature not one but two monumental Royal Rumble matches. As the men face off to decide the Main Event and title contender of Wrestlemania 34, the women clash in the first ever historic Women's Royal Rumble encounter.

It's always exciting to see who will return to the Royal Rumble, make a shock debut or even a clash between greats we've never seen throwdown.

But the most amazing prospect of the Royal Rumble is when it all goes down to the wire as we get to the Final Four. Clashes between the last remaining superstars have added intense intrigue to what might become of the Wrestlemania that year and whom WWE sees as future and present prospects of the business.

It's an anticipated moment to see who will make the final four, with the Royal Rumble just about shaping up; let's see who it might be this year staring down one another and the Wrestlemania sign at the Royal Rumble Main Event...

#4 John Cena

The Most Anticipated Match in WWE History that Has Never Been
The Most Anticipated Match in WWE History that Has Never Been

John Cena will enter the Royal Rumble with his typical verve seeking to headline the event and break the official record for most World Titles held. His path, however, will have a devastating roadblock in the form of a certain Phenom.

As Undertaker will make a shock return to seek revenge on Roman Reigns, he will be faced down by the other horde of competitors in the Rumble. In the ensuing chaos it will be Cena who denies Taker his revenge and in the process earn the ire of the Deadman.

Later in the Rumble, Taker will once again rise and not only smack Roman down (saving a full-blown confrontation for later) but will stare down Cena with threatening menace and a look to the Wrestlemania sign.


This will assist in a huge elimination when the wily team of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens take out John Cena.

Eliminated by Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

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