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Royal Rumble 2019: Rating every match on the main card

Sunil Joseph
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Brock Lesnar trying to hit the F-5 on Finn Balor
Brock Lesnar trying to hit the F-5 on Finn Balor

This year, the Royal Rumble took place on January 27th at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona. Fans were speculating that this could be the best Royal Rumble PPV of all-time despite being quite predictable. It wasn’t too long ago that Vince and his family stood in the ring and promised to give the WWE Universe what they wanted.

But did they do that? And was this the best Royal Rumble PPV of all-time?

To be honest, the PPV as a whole was way too long, stretching to 7 hours including the pre show which made it one of the longest PPVs in history. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t exciting.

Despite a couple of matches being predictable, WWE threw in an element of surprise every now and then which caught fans off guard. Fans indeed got what they wanted and everyone left feeling satisfied.

Hence, we’ve decided to reflect on this amazing PPV by rating every match that took place on the main card to let you know what we think of this year’s Royal Rumble PPV.

#1 Asuka (c) Vs. Becky Lynch

Winner: Asuka

Rating: 3.5/5


Normally it would’ve been disappointing to see a match of this caliber start the show, but I understood why they did so during the Women’s Royal Rumble match.


This match was very physical as both women were quite vicious. Asuka was relentless with her kicks and Becky Lynch threw some nasty elbows of her own. The matchup was very intriguing and involved multiple submission attempts.

At one point, Asuka was tangled up within the ropes and out of nowhere, locked in the Asuka lock. Becky reciprocated by locking in the Disarmer to Asuka when she (Asuka) was stuck between the turnbuckle. They even locked in each other's submission moves.

Tensions were rising between both women throughout the match and even fans seemed to be torn between both women.

Asuka won by locking in a different version of the Asuka lock where she bridged to increase the torque. The important thing is that ‘The Empress of Tomorrow’ won clean, solidifying her reign as champion. This match also planted seeds for what would unfold later on in the PPV.

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