40-year-old star is the frontrunner to win Money in the Bank 2023, Triple H's plans for the PLE - Reports

That's an interesting choice for Mr. MITB 2022

Money in the Bank is one of WWE's most exciting shows of the year. Latest reports have allegedly revealed internal discussions regarding the MITB Premium Live Event and the frontrunner for the winner of the match - LA Knight.

After spending some time in NXT, LA Knight moved to the main roster as Max Dupri in January 2022, and formed the stable, Maximum Male Models, with Mansoor and Mace. Maxxine Dupri soon joined the trio, but Max eventually left and reverted to the LA Knight persona.

Xero News has reported that discussions are going on currently about whether to cut the Money in the Bank PLE from 2023. The report added that if the PLE gets canceled, the matches will likely take place at WrestleMania instead.

"WWE are currently discussing whether to cut the MITB PLE in 2023. If they do cut it, we will find out before WrestleMania. Both MITB matches would then be on Night 1 and Night 2 of WM going forward. As it stands right now, LA Knight is the frontrunner for the briefcase next," reported Xero News.

LA Knight was recently targeted by Bray Wyatt on Friday Night SmackDown and looks set to be Wyatt's first feud since the latter's return. Fans are very excited to see the two feud.

Austin Theory recently cashed in his Money in the Bank contract

Mr. Money in the Bank 2022 Austin Theory recently joined the unfortunate list of stars who lost after cashing in their MITB briefcases. Theory cashed in his contract against United States Champion Seth Rollins on Monday Night RAW a couple of weeks ago. However, Bobby Lashley interfered and ended up costing Theory the match.

The decision to make Austin Theory Mr. MITB 2022 was met with mixed responses from fans. While some were happy to see a young star get this opportunity, others believed he wasn't ready yet, especially with Roman Reigns as the WWE Universal Champion.

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