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Backstage details on Edge's WWE contract and possible re-negotiation

  • Will Vince McMahon try to convince Edge to wrestle more matches per year?
  • Edge is on a similar contract as Ronda Rousey and there is scope for negotiation.
Modified 08 May 2020, 06:04 IST


Edge is all set to make his TV return on the upcoming episode of RAW and the 11-time WWE Champion is expected to continue his rivalry with Randy Orton.

As revealed by Sportskeeda's Tom Colohue on the new Dropkick DiSKussions episode with host Korey Gunz, Edge signed up to wrestle five matches per year with the WWE. Colohue also stated that Edge was not supposed to return as soon as next week's RAW, however, a decision was made to get him back sooner.

Edge and his WWE contract

Talking about Edge's contract, Tom revealed that the Rated-R Superstar is on a similar deal as Ronda Rousey. The former RAW Women's Champion was originally scheduled to have seven to eight matches, which was later changed and more matches were negotiated upon.

Tom revealed that when it comes to Edge's contract, there is room for negotiations, and knowing Vince McMahon, the WWE Chairman will certainly sit down and try to book Edge for a few more matches if the situation demands the same.

Tom revealed the following:

To my knowledge, he is only booked for five matches but a number of appearances in the meantime. Ronda Rousey was originally booked for only seven or eight matches and then they added more to her contract. So, we'll see in this regard.
Almost everyone has a different contract, so it's hard to nail it down for certain. But with a lot of the bigger names, they have contracts that will give them a certain amount of dates and that's the guaranteed downside. You'd get paid for those amount of dates. So people who work more matches get paid extra on their guaranteed downside. Obviously, I'm not an expert on this so if people have more information on this, by all means, jump in the comments and let us know.
But when it comes to Edge, I'd say it's very similar to Ronda Rousey to my knowledge, it is, whereby there is room for negotiation. The contract would stay the same, however, because they are not technically employees, you can't sign on to do more work, and yes, Vince McMahon can say, 'I need you to do this', and you can say, 'Okay, this is my price.' Which is, of course, what happened back in the day with Ultimate Warrior, Jeff Jarrett. There is a lot of precedent for this.

Edge will be returning to RAW next week to 'hunt' for Randy Orton and we just can't wait to see the next chapter in the feud between the two veterans. What has WWE planned for the storyline? Give your predictions in the comments section.

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Published 08 May 2020, 06:04 IST
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