Backstage news on Austin Theory's RAW push and WWE future

Triple H and Paul Heyman.
Triple H and Paul Heyman.

Austin Theory became the newest member to join Seth Rollins' group of disciples on the most recent episode of RAW. Theory was previously a part of Zelina Vega's stable and the WWE had been hinting at the split for the past few weeks.

The belief earlier was that Theory would break away from Vega's faction and go back to NXT. However, Sportskeeda's Tom Colohue revealed that was not the plan.

Tom Colohue told host Korey Gunz on the latest edition of the Dropkick DiSKussions podcast that people backstage love Austin Theory and are 'desperate to see him succeed'. It was also noted that Triple H and Paul Heyman are expecting great things from the former Evolve Champion.

Tom revealed:

Most wrestling fans and people who are listening to the podcast will be aware that Theory was going to be bounced straight back to NXT. That clearly was not the plan. We've called Theory lucky before but right now he's taken every opportunity and people backstage love this guy.
They are desperate to see him succeed otherwise he wouldn't have even come up from NXT in the first place. It's not just Zelina Vega singing his praises, you've got Triple H and you've got Paul Heyman expecting great things. When you pair him with Seth Rollins, I think I do as well.

Austin Theory's bright WWE future

Austin Theory made his professional wrestling debut in 2016 and wrestled for various independent promotions before he signed a contract with the WWE in 2019.

Theory is surprisingly just 22 years old and he is already a member of the top faction on RAW, which says a lot about his potential as a performer. The WWE officials seem to have a lot of faith in the former NXT Star and he is certainly one for the future.

Will Austin Theory benefit from being under the tutelage of Seth Rollins? He surely would, but it also depends on how WWE books him going forward.