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Elias has been AWOL from WWE TV since he was declared dead back in August
Elias has been AWOL from WWE TV since he was declared dead back in August

Elias hasn't been seen on WWE TV for almost four months after he memorably decleared that "Elias is dead."

The former WWE 24/7 Champion was seemingly kick-starting a new gimmick by ending The Drifter. But a new report from WrestleVotes notes that the company didn't actually have an "end plan" for these vignettes.

Interesting note on Elias, source states they had no end plan for graveyard vignettes. Just shot them to kill off the “music” gimmick. His initial rebranding weeks back looked to similar to Randy Savage w/ colorful trunks & beard so Vince & co didn’t like it. Back to square 1.

The report goes on to reveal that Elias' rebrand looked too similar to Randy Savage, so WWE Chairman Vince McMahon wasn't a fan. Elias's Drifter persona didn't allow him to be very colorful, so this new look would have been a distinct character change for him.

With the report about this nixed gimmick, it seems like the company is no closer to repackaging Elias, who has been absent from WWE TV since August.

WWE aired vignettes earlier this year to declare that "Elias is dead"

"@WWE stood for Walk With Elias. But Elias is dead."@IAmEliasWWE #WWERaw

Elias came through the ranks in NXT, where he wrestled for several years before he made his debut on the main roster with his Drifter gimmick in 2017.

For several years, Elias was a featured star on WWE TV, and he competed in several specific matches based on his character. Given his background as a musician, he was linked to the debut of the Symphony of Destruction Match.

After almost five years on the main roster, WWE decided it was time for the guitar-strumming Superstar to debut a new gimmick. The former champion subsequently declared that, "Elias is dead" in a series of vignettes.

After two of these videos aired on Monday Night RAW, the company hasn't mentioned him on TV ever since. WWE didn't follow up on these vignettes, so while the character is "dead," it's unclear what Elias' future holds.

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