Backstage update on WWE's plans for popular tag team's return - Reports

A team has been rumored to be making their return.
A team has been rumored to be making their return.

There has been an update regarding a popular tag team's rumored return to WWE.

The Authors of Pain (Akam & Rezar) were a dominant force in NXT and captured the tag titles once. On the main roster, the duo won the RAW Tag Team Championships and also served as the enforcers for Seth Rollins. However, The Authors of Pain were released from their contracts in September 2020.

It was reported last month that the popular duo had re-signed with the company last year and Paul Ellering was heavily involved in the negotiations. Ellering served as the manager for the tag team in NXT but did not follow AOP to the main roster.

According to a new report from Ringside News, The Authors of Pain are confirmed to have been signed by WWE but the company doesn't have plans for the duo at the moment. Ringside News reached out to a tenured member of the creative team and was told that there have been discussions about AOP, but no plans have been made for the former champions yet.

Vince Russo on The Authors of Pain's failed show following WWE release

The Authors of Pain attempted to launch the Wrestling Entertainment Series promotion last year but it didn't work out too well.

WES had to cancel its inaugural event last summer at the Motorpoint Arena in Nottingham and tried to blame the talent for the show not taking place. Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling's Writing with Russo show, the former WWE writer noted that professional wrestlers typically show up for their bookings and there was likely another issue.

"You got to tell the truth. And I mean if they're throwing talent under the bus and it's not true, which let's face it, bro. The one thing about talent I don't know, Nia Jax, I don't know Braun [Strowman]. But bro, they're gonna take a booking. They're professionals," Vince Russo continued. "They both worked at the WWE with them being booked like every single day. I'm sure, bro, if they're going to get booked and make a booking, then they're going to live up to that just based on who they are, and they're professionals," said Russo. [From 04:54 - 05:27]

Russo added that the event likely didn't sell enough tickets and that is why it never took place.

"So I would hate to think that they're just looking for a scapegoat and somebody to blame. When at the end of the day, bro, if you didn't sell enough tickets, just say you didn't sell enough tickets. I mean, I read about concerts being canceled all the time for a weak ticket sales and stuff. I mean, you gotta be honest." [From 05:29 - 05:48]

The Authors of Pain are both still very young and have the prime of their careers ahead of them. Only time will tell when Akam and Rezar may return to WWE television.

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