Becky Lynch reportedly wrestled major match at WrestleMania 36 while pregnant 

  • Becky Lynch is pregnant - and it's emerged she may have wrestled whilst expecting.
  • Becky Lynch has also revealed Seth Rollins' reaction to the news
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Modified 12 May 2020, 19:42 IST

Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins are expecting a baby
Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins are expecting a baby

Becky Lynch wrestled at WrestleMania while pregnant, according to reports.

Lynch made the joyous announcement on Monday Night RAW this week that she is expecting her first child with her fiance, fellow WWE star Seth Rollins.

The news effectively handed Becky Lynch's coveted Championship to Asuka, who was crowned the new RAW Women's Champion, with Lynch admitting that she had agreed with company officials prior to Money in the Bank that she would surrender the gold to whoever won the Women's Ladder Match.

Becky Lynch will now hang up her boots for the foreseeable future to focus on her pregnancy and the birth of her child, with WWE forced to go on without one of its major stars.

Becky Lynch reportedly wrestled against Shayna Baszler while pregnant

Curiously, it has been reported that Lynch had actually wrestled whilst pregnant just a matter of weeks ago. The former RAW Women's Champion is said to have faced Shayna Baszler in a landmark match at WrestleMania 36 whilst being pregnant.

Pro Wrestling Insider's Mike Johnson reports that Lynch is the first performer of his knowledge to work a WrestleMania match while pregnant. 

He said:

“When she wrestled Shayna Baszler... she became the first-ever WWE performer that I know of to work a WrestleMania while pregnant. It makes her a hell of a warrior, but it also might explain why that match was not the physical war that we all expected.... Obviously, the finish there was a little safe and a little weird and that match did not live up to what a lot of people think it should have been, but in hindsight, that makes a lot more sense and kudos to everybody involved.”

Johnson's comments suggest that Becky Lynch knowingly and willingly wrestled while pregnant, and tweaked the finish of the bout accordingly. While there's nothing to suggest that doing so would have presented any kind of risk to Lynch's baby, there's also no way of confirming for sure that the former NXT Superstar was actually aware of the pregnancy at the time WrestleMania took place from the Performance Center in early April.

Becky Lynch reveals Seth Rollins' reaction to pregnancy

The popular 33-year-old performer did give a hint to the timing of when she and Rollins, a former Universal Champion, found out about the news. She revealed in an interview with People that she took a number of pregnancy tests last month.

She added:

"I took the first one wrong... "Then I took a few more tests until I got a digital one that just said the word 'Pregnant.' I was with Seth at the time and he just threw his hands up in the air, all excited!"

The Irish Superstar was clearly delighted with the news that she and Rollins are to be expecting. While the massive change can bring a whole range of emotions to some people, Lynch made it clear that this is something she and her husband-to-be have been trying and hoping for since they got together.

They went public with their high-profile relationship last year and Lynch made it clear that she sees the duo making a life and family together for many years to come.

She went on to say:

"When we got together, things started to look a lot clearer and I knew he was the person that I wanted to have kids with — that this was going to happen and it was just a matter of when."

While the WWE Universe, Lynch's colleagues, and the wider world have all rushed to congratulate the former SmackDown Women's Champion, the news that the star will be gone from screens for a long period is undoubtedly tinged with sadness. Even basic mathematics suggests it'll be at least a year before she would even be in a position to consider a return.

She touched on the subject herself, adding:

"It's just such a joyous time and then such a sad time too. I loved this and I've given my life to this. I've achieved everything that I want to achieve in this business. I don't know what the next chapter is... and how my priorities shift and what I'm going to want in the future. So, everything's open."

Prior to Monday's news, Lynch had racked up an impressive 400 days as RAW Women's Champion having defeated Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania in 2019.

Published 12 May 2020, 19:42 IST
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