Brock Lesnar being planned as a contender for the World Championship if top WWE Superstar wins it - Reports

Brock Lesnar is a former WWE Champion
Brock Lesnar is a former WWE Champion

Brock Lesnar has been on a rampage ever since he lost his match against Cody Rhodes at Backlash. The Beast Incarnate is stopping at nothing to decimate Rhodes any chance he gets. This week on RAW, he broke Rhodes' arm by first attacking him backstage and then inside the ring. However, there might be a solid plan for his actions.

Brock Lesnar is set to face Cody Rhodes at Night of Champions this Saturday. By having Rhodes injured before the match, it gives the company an excuse to let Lesnar win. However, the feud between the two men seems to be far from over even after Night of Champions.

As per Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE is preparing Lesnar as a top contender for the world championship after Cody Rhodes wins it. If Lesnar wins at NoC, then both Rhodes and Lesnar will hold one win over each other, and the story will be open for a rubber match down the line.

''And Brock having a win, Brock having a win is not the worst thing if Cody's going to end up as champion anytime soon. Because you do want to build up contenders and Brock is always a viable contender,'' said Meltzer (34:90-35:00)

Cody Rhodes vs Brock Lesnar 3 should be for the World title

As of now, Seth Rollins is set to face AJ Styles to determine the inaugural World Heavyweight Champion at Night of Champions. Lesnar cost Rhodes his shot by interfering in his qualifying match on RAW a few weeks back. The rivalry between the two has become very personal lately, and their clash at NoC will add another layer to it.

Rhodes' journey in WWE has been a rollercoaster ride marked by ups and downs. Despite facing numerous obstacles, he has persevered and evolved as a performer, constantly reinventing himself and pushing the boundaries of his character.


Hopefully, Cody will soon become the World Champion and could continue his feud with Brock Lesnar once he is at the top.

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