Details on if 4-time WWE Champion is responsible for Apollo Crews' recent big push - Report

Apollo Crews
Apollo Crews
Modified 02 Apr 2021

Cesaro and Apollo Crews have been on a roll as of late on SmackDown. Both men were stuck in the lower mid-card not too long ago. But the two stars will now be facing top superstars like Seth Rollins and Big E at WrestleMania 37, respectively. Many believed Daniel Bryan was responsible for Crews and Cesaro's recent pushes on SmackDown.

Bryan is one of the few WWE Superstars who have a lot of clout in WWE's creative process. It is unknown to what extent Bryan is involved in the weekly storylines on SmackDown, but he does have a significant influence, as per reports.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that Daniel Bryan has denied claims of being responsible for Apollo Crews' recent push. However, he did admit that he lobbied to put Cesaro over in WWE.

"Bryan noted that he thinks he’s getting too much credit for some of the creative changed. He said he just said that Cesaro was being underutilized and that was it. Although he did constantly put Cesaro over. He said he had nothing to do with Crews getting his new chance and said Crews was a real talent."

What's next for Apollo Crews?

For the most part, Apollo Crews was never able to break out as a superstar in WWE. Despite being a former United States Champion, Crews had gone back to being an enhancement talent on SmackDown.

However, Apollo Crews' onscreen persona has now been re-invented after he decided to embrace his roots. Behaving like an arrogant and entitled heel, Crews finally found the persona he had been looking for to get himself over with the fans.

The Nigerian superstar hopes to win the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania 37 by defeating his long-time friend turned foe, Big E.


Would you like to see Apollo Crews become the next Intercontinental Champion? Let us know in the comments section below.

Published 02 Apr 2021, 17:49 IST
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