Rumored talk on WWE breaking up Dominik and Rey Mysterio

First father-son duo to win SmackDown Tag titles!
First father-son duo to win SmackDown Tag titles!

After their return, WWE might break up former SmackDown Tag Team Champions Dominik and Rey Mysterio.

In 2018, Rey Mysterio shocked the world when he made a surprise return to the Royal Rumble. The Master of 619 created a nostalgic moment when he stood beside Randy Orton and John Cena to face the future of WWE, which consisted of Finn Balor, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Roman Reigns.

By the end of the year, Mysterio had signed with WWE. Over the past few years, Mysterio feuded with Brock Lesnar, Samoa Joe, and Seth Rollins before working as a tag team with Dominik. Last year, the duo won the SmackDown Tag Team Championships from The Dirty Dawgs.

According to Dave Meltzer on a recent episode of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (WON), WWE might be done with the duo:

“There is at least talk of them not being put together going forward.”
Would love to thank everyone for the love & support for last night. I’ve been blessed with my career from day 1 in 1989, and now to be able to live such a memorable moment like this one creating history with my son.💙you all! #NewTagTeamChamps#GodIsGood🙏🏼

Over the last few months, WWE has run several segments and angles involving Sami Zayn, indicating the duo is going their separate ways. WWE has created and broken up several tag teams in the past. A split between father and son seems inevitable.

Plans for Dominik and Rey Mysterio in WWE

Rey Mysterio has been a major part of WWE for over a decade. The high-flying superstar has done it all for the company. On the other hand, Dominik began his career in WWE a few years ago.

However, Dominik's first appearance was way back in 2002 when Rey was the WWE Cruiserweight Champion. Over the coming years, Dominik and Rey's family were involved in several feuds with Eddie Guerrero and CM Punk.

After Mysterio's return to WWE, Dominik began working with his father and got involved in several feuds. In 2020, Dominik stepped up when Rey began feuding with Rollins. Dominik was sent straight to RAW, where he made his WWE debut against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam and lost.

A few months ago, Rey Mysterio mentioned how he'd retire and let his son make his mark in the company. After the inevitable break up of The Mysterios, Dominik might go to NXT or get repackaged, where he'd wear a mask to continue his dad's legacy. On the other hand, the 47-year-old might retire or have his last singles run in WWE.

Would you like to see Dominik wear a mask and wrestle? Do you want the team to stay together for a little while? Let us know in the comment section below!

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