Early backstage assessment of Brock Lesnar look-alike Parker Boudreaux in WWE revealed - Reports 

Brock Lesnar, Eva Marie, and Parker Boudreaux.
Brock Lesnar, Eva Marie, and Parker Boudreaux.

Parker Boudreaux was one of the 18 men and women from WWE's largest recruit class that recently reported to the Performance Center. Boudreaux has not even wrestled a single match yet, but the promising star already has a lot of hype attached to his name.

Touted as 'The Next Big Thing' due to the physical similarities to Brock Lesnar, Parker Boudreaux has done a fine job of building up the anticipation for his eventual debut.

For now, Boudreaux's attention is on learning the ropes at the WWE PC, but the question has to be asked: will the Brock Lesnar look-alike get fast-tracked to the ring?

Fightful Select released a report, and it covered the initial reactions to Parker Boudreaux's work in WWE. Several sources at the Performance Center told Fightful that the fans who expect to see Boudreaux on TV soon should 'pump their brakes.'

What's next for Parker Boudreaux in the WWE?

Boudreaux always wanted to come to WWE, and he was also very excited following the signing. The 22-year-old prospect, however, was said to be 'extremely early' in learning all about the wrestling business itself.

Boudreaux has come into the world of wrestling with 'very little knowledge about the basics of the business and all related variables.

If you had to put it in simple wrestling terms, Boudreaux is really green, but that's not uncommon as most recruits and developmental signings require a lot of training.

Parker Boudreaux is no different as there is reportedly plenty of work to be done at the WWE PC with the former football player.

Boudreaux was recently spotted training with Eva Marie, and fans are naturally excited to see the physically imposing star's progress as a wrestler in the WWE.

During a recent media call, Triple H also played down all the Brock Lesnar comparisons and noted that Boudreaux should be given the time and freedom to develop as a performer.

"It's funny that people look at Parker (Boudreaux), and they say, 'Oh my God! He looks like the next Brock Lesnar.' So everybody goes, 'He's the next big thing.' He's got a big personality, and we'll see what we can do. For all of this, you have to be ready to be a performer. Even Brock Lesnar wasn't a guy like that, as amazing as an athlete that he is like Parker. You got to be trained; you got to know what you are doing. Everything's got to do be done safely."

What do you think? Will Parker Boudreaux live up to all the hype?

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