Further details on WWE potentially removing Bray Wyatt from the WrestleMania 39 card – Reports

Bray Wyatt may miss out on WrestleMania 39
Bray Wyatt may miss out on WrestleMania 39

After recent reports were made stating that top WWE star Bray Wyatt was set to miss some time in the ring due to illness, it now seems that his expected WrestleMania match with Bobby Lashley will no longer be taking place.

Lashley and Wyatt engaged in a verbal back-and-forth in recent weeks to build up their potential 'Mania' match. Despite both men's star power, the excitement amongst fans regarding their showdown felt fairly flat.

With Wyatt not having appeared on either SmackDown or RAW for quite some time, Dave Meltzer reported today on Wrestling Observer Radio that Bray may now be set to miss WrestleMania altogether.

"Man, nobody knows what’s going on there. Not a mention of Bray Wyatt all night [during RAW]. Not a mention of Bobby Lashley all night. I mean, it looks to me like he’s, I mean I don’t wanna say it looks like he’s off the show, but it looks like he’s off the show, because they are not mentioning his name at all."

He added:

"They did a little flash with that Bray Wyatt stuff on Friday’s show, so he’s with the company. There was another video where they showed him briefly, so it’s not like he’s been scrubbed from anything, but he was supposed to be at the show Friday night." H/T (Ringside News)

Upon his return to the company in October 2022, the Eater of Worlds was met with thunderous applause from fans at Extreme Rules. However, the former WWE Champion has failed to grasp the attention of many members of the audience since then.

Bray Wyatt's creative collaborator is reportedly gone from WWE

As one of the most outlandish superstars in the company, the former Universal Champion's creative direction is one that is usually a major priority for WWE's higher-ups.

Despite this, it now seems as though Wyatt will be left to manifest most of his creative ideas on his own after it was reported that WWE backstage crew member and close collaborator of Bray's, Nick Manfredini, was let go by the company.

"Ringside News was told by someone from the WWE creative team that Nick Manfredini was fired. He did not quit the job, either. We were also able to confirm that Nick Manfredini losing his job had absolutely nothing to do with budget cuts. We cannot comment further on the situation, because that is a human resources issue. Suffice it to say, the call was made to end his time in WWE."

Whilst Bray Wyatt has all the abilities in the world, for the majority of his almost 15 years spent in the company, many feel that he is missing the one factor that will see him finally become the star he was destined to be – a gimmick that works long term.

How has Bray Wyatt fared since making his return to WWE? Give us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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