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"He is out of the hospital; It was really bad" - Important update on Konnan's health 

Modified 22 Feb 2021

As we had reported a few days ago, Konnan was hospitalized due to kidney issues and a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. The severity of the situation was not known when the story first broke. Dave Meltzer has now provided several updates on Konnan's health during the Wrestling Observer Radio's latest edition.

Meltzer spoke to Konnan and revealed that the former WCW TV Champion is out of the hospital, but he is still under medical observation at his home.

"Well, I mean. He is out of the hospital. So, it's better than he was doing a week ago. I did hear from him today, and he is home. He needs a nurse. He needs a lot of medicine and things like that."

When I hear he had COVID, I really feared a lot: Dave Meltzer on Konnan's weakened immune system

Meltzer said Konnan's condition was terrible a week ago as there were also discussions about what they would do if his heart and kidneys stopped working. Konnan tested positive for COVID-19, and he was subsequently rushed to the hospital due to problems arising in his kidneys.

"It was really bad a week ago. Bad enough that he had Chaplain, you know, come to his room and pray for him. Bad enough that they talked to him about what decision should be made if his kidney stopped working or his heart stopped working."

Konnan underwent kidney transplant surgery in 2007, and his immune system has been weak ever since because of all the anti-rejection drugs.

"So, it was really bad. I feared, when I hear he had COVID, I really feared a lot. I mean, you know, his immune system has been weak from having the kidney transplant and all the anti-rejection drugs he takes, and took back in the day and everything like that, and you know, just whole health is really, it's very, it's been messed up since 2007. Maybe even before, but since 2007 for sure. So, but he is better than he was. So that's good. He is home, but he is still getting pretty much round-the-clock care."

Dave Meltzer had reported a couple of days ago that Konnan was bedridden for three days before the positive COVID-19 test came in, and he was taken to a hospital after his kidneys failed.

It's great to know that Konnan is back at home and is receiving continuous medical attention. We at SK Wrestling wish the 57-year-old legend a healthy and speedy recovery.

Published 22 Feb 2021, 19:20 IST
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