"If anything, he's enjoying life" - Vince McMahon's reported life after WWE full of travel and friends

Vince McMahon speaks to the WWE Universe on RAW
Vince McMahon speaks to the WWE Universe on RAW

Former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is said to be enjoying life after his exit from the company. New details on Mr. McMahon's life after WWE and TKO have been revealed, along with his legal issues from that era.

McMahon was forced to resign from the parent company of the promotion he turned into a sports entertainment juggernaut due to sexual misconduct and trafficking allegations from former employee Janel Grant. He has vowed to fight the accusations, and his lawyers have reiterated how he is innocent.

Meanwhile, the 78-year-old billionaire has seemingly moved on from WWE, according to multiple sources who spoke to NBC News. He has kept up his other routines, but two sources said it's as if Vince is unfazed by his legal fights. This came after reports on WWE erasing the co-founder from programming.

The source provided the following example - on an afternoon in late March, Vince McMahon flew back to the United States from Turks & Caicos Islands, but he was not alone on the private plane that day. Vince flew back with seven kittens and one puppy, all of which he brought back to be adopted by his friends.


Vince reportedly often uses a private driver to travel from his posh Connecticut home to Manhattan in New York City, where he eats with friends at restaurants such as Italian old-school spot, Il Tinello East on 46th Street. The former ECW World Champion also sees his longtime barber for bi-weekly haircuts and works out with his personal trainer multiple times per week.

Earlier, it was revealed how McMahon has had recent contact with two major WWE names. He was also reportedly in contact with former President Donald Trump, however, representatives of McMahon have since denied his client being in touch with Trump, adding that they had only spoken once after Vince's surgery.

McMahon reportedly has not discussed company matters with son-in-law Triple H and daughter Stephanie McMahon. They both declined to comment through a spokesperson. A major update on the federal investigation into the WWE co-founder was just revealed this week and Vince's personal thoughts are telling.

"If anything, he’s enjoying life" said a source close to Vince McMahon, who added that he had also taken a trip to Italy. However, two other sources said Vince has been "quite guarded" and often on the phone with attorneys to map out their gameplan since Grant's lawsuit was made public.

Veteran speculates on Brock Lesnar returning to WWE following Vince McMahon scandal

Brock Lesnar's WWE supposed return was nixed earlier this year after he was linked to Vince McMahon's sexual misconduct and trafficking allegations from former employee Janel Grant.

WWE reportedly had Lesnar booked for the Royal Rumble and all through WrestleMania XL season. The legendary Konnan recently discussed The Beast on his Keepin' It 100 podcast, and looked ahead to a potential Lesnar vs. Gunther match.

''I keep seeing that Brock is back on the roster. He is coming back or something like that, so maybe they'll go back to Brock and Gunther too,'' Konnan said. [2:14 - 2:22]

Lesnar has not wrestled since losing to Cody Rhodes at SummerSlam 2023 last August. It remains to be seen if the Vince McMahon connection will have caused the end of Lesnar's run with the company.