Backstage perception of Liv Morgan amid speculation about her status on RAW

Liv Morgan.
Liv Morgan.

Liv Morgan's WWE career has thus far been underwhelming to track, and it may not be her fault altogether. Sean Ross Sapp addressed Liv Morgan's standing on the roster during the latest edition of his Q&A podcast on Fightful Select.

SRS was asked about whether the love for Liv Morgan in the creative team had died down. He also shared his opinions about Morgan's prospects in the company.

Sapp stated that he feels Morgan can be a multiple-time world champion in the WWE and that she has an incredible work ethic.

He added that she is quite well-liked backstage based on everyone he has spoken to behind the scenes. SRS, however, felt that the love from creative might have died down a bit as the company didn't have any long-term plans when they got her back to TV at the end of 2019.

Q: Has the love for Liv Morgan died down in creative? What do you think her ceiling is in the WWE?

SRS: I think her ceiling his multiple-time world champion. She works her a** off! Everybody that I talked to likes her, and yeah, I do think that it's died down because they didn't have s*** planned out for her long-term and it's frustrating. They give these people vignettes, so that they can bring them back and then they don't have plans for them.

Will WWE push Liv Morgan on RAW?


Liv Morgan returned to WWE TV as Lana's love interest in December 2019 and the entire angle had a lot of momentum as the new year kicked off.

However, the storyline between Lana and Liv Morgan didn't last for long as they both branched out into different angles. Liv Morgan worked a match against Natalya on the recent episode of Main Event, and she is currently without any particular storyline direction on RAW.

Paul Heyman is now out of the picture, and the arrival of Bruce Prichard - who will be leading the consolidated creative teams of RAW and SmackDown - could prove pivotal for Liv Morgan's fortunes on RAW.

What do you guys think? Will Liv Morgan achieve success in the near future?

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