Popular WWE Superstar set for a huge push after SummerSlam - Reports

WWE unveiled their current log back in 2014.
This WWE Superstar has been very over with the fans

LA Knight is reportedly getting a huge push after WWE SummerSlam, which could explain why he didn't win on SmackDown last Friday.

Knight has been enjoying unprecedented popularity among WWE fans, with many clamoring to see him in a title picture. Many fans thought that Knight would get the opportunity on Friday in the second United States Invitational Fatal Four Way match. However, Rey Mysterio earned the opportunity to face Santos Escobar next week to determine Austin Theory's challenger for the title.

According to Wade Keller of PW Torch, upset members of the WWE Universe should not worry about Knight. He's reportedly set for a huge push after SummerSlam. Vince McMahon is already a fan of his, while Triple H has always been a supporter.

"Knight's surging crowd reactions and social media popularity have landed him on the radar of Levesque and McMahon as being a candidate for a big push after Summerslam, PWTorch sources indicate," Keller wrote.

Keller also reported that if Knight's push doesn't materialize, it will be his fault. The popular WWE Superstar allegedly rubs people the wrong way backstage and doesn't know anything about "backstage politics."

What happened to LA Knight after his loss on WWE SmackDown?

While fans were upset that LA Knight lost on SmackDown, it seems like WWE has bigger plans for him. Knight was seen being followed by a cameraman after losing the match, focusing on his reaction as he looks at Santos Escobar and Rey Mysterio in the ring.

It was not shown on television and could be used for future video packages. The Yeah! Movement page on Twitter even pointed it out and thought it was done for a reason.

Knight remains one of the most popular superstars on the roster today. Even though he lost on Friday, the number of fans upset about it showed that they want him to succeed. Hopefully, that will come sooner rather than later.

Would you like to see LA Knight get pushed to the moon after SummerSlam? Share your thoughts on the situation below in the comments section.

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