Potential spoiler on the final member of WWE's Judgment Day stable

WWE Judgment Day stable (Edge, Damian Priest, and Rhea Ripley)
WWE Judgment Day stable (Edge, Damian Priest, and Rhea Ripley)

The sinister forces joining together under Edge's leadership in WWE are growing more formidable, as Rhea Ripley recently joined the Judgment Day stable. However, it seems that we're not done seeing new members being added to their group with a possible fourth member potentially joining the mix soon.

It was previously reported that WWE was planning to build the stable by adding another star to Edge's faction. While many superstars seem worthy of joining the nefarious ranks, one former world champion has been pinned down as a potential member.

According to Brad Shepard in his Unleashed Patreon, the current plan is for Finn Balor to betray AJ Styles and join the stable as the fourth member.

"The current creative plan calls for Finn Balor to turn on AJ Styles and join Edge’s Judgement Day faction. I do not know when that is planned to happen. We will have to wait and see when Balor will end up turning on Styles and join Judgement Day. The idea of Balor and Styles teaming up hit many fans in the feels, but WWE doesn’t really cater to that kind of booking very often. It is likely to help out Balor in the long run." H/T (RSN)
"We aren't finished yet... And we're looking for more." 👀@EdgeRatedR #WWERaw

By turning heel, Balor could go in a different direction with his character and revitalize his career on WWE RAW. It's only a matter of time before the group reveals the cards they have in place for the fourth member of The Judgment Day.

Finn Balor could be a fitting addition to WWE's Judgment Day stable

Edge started The Judgment Day after WrestleMania 38 when Damian Priest helped him beat AJ Styles. Since then, the Hall of Famer has recruited Rhea Ripley, as she helped him defeat The Phenomenal One again at WrestleMania Backlash.

The wicked group has targeted Styles and Finn Balor in recent weeks, and Ripley left Morgan lying with a post-match attack last Monday. But Balor and Styles have reunited to fight off Edge and Priest, and it seems like the duo will try to take on The Judgment Day together moving forward.

If the former NXT Champion were to turn on Styles down the line, it would make for a shocking twist. It could also open up more opportunities for the former champion, as he'd have a fresh role as a a heel character in the stable.

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