RAW tag team match ended because it broke a 'secret Vince McMahon rule'

  • Vince McMahon is reportedly very adamant about the WWE rule being enforced.
  • It was also added that many spots get rejected if they violate the rule.
Modified 16 May 2020, 07:13 IST

Rollins launched a vicious attack on Rey Mysterio on this week
Rollins launched a vicious attack on Rey Mysterio on this week's RAW.

This week's RAW saw Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black team up to face Seth Rollins and Murphy in a tag team contest and a secret WWE rule was violated during the match.

The aforementioned match from RAW ended when Seth Rollins blocked Rey Mysterio's attempted 619 on Murphy. Rollins went on to toss Mysterio around and the referee called for the bell, which handed Mysterio and Black the win via DQ.

Vince McMahon's WWE rule for tag team matches

Bryan Alvarez revealed on the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Live that the match ended in a DQ because it broke a 'secret Vince McMahon rule.'

The rules in place for tag team matches allow both competitors of a team to attack the legal man together for five seconds after the tag is made. However, outside of the five seconds, an illegal man cannot attack a legal man during a tag team match.

Alvarez noted that Vince McMahon is very adamant about the rule being enforced, so much so that while putting together matches, many Superstars can't do their pitched spots as it violates Vince McMahon's rule.

Alvarez also added that an illegal man, however, is allowed to break up a legal man's pin during the match. A legal man is also allowed to attack the illegal man, while the two illegal Superstars during the match can brawl with each other without getting disqualified.


Bryan Alvarez 'swore on a stack of bibles' that Vince McMahon was really serious about the rule. He also called the rule ridiculous and explained it in the following manner:

So, in a tag team match, and I'm going to try and explain all of this to you as this is so ridiculous, okay! So you know how you tag and there are five seconds where you can both be in the ring at the same time, right? So if I tag you for five seconds we can both be in the ring as it counts to five. So if I tag you, for that five seconds we are both allowed to beat on that one competitor. It can be 2-on-1 for those five seconds.
However, outside of that five seconds, if you're not the legal man, you can not touch the other team's legal man. And Vince McMahon is adamant, adamant that this is enforced! So if you're legal, if you're legal, you're allowed to hit the other team's illegal man but the illegal man can not touch the legal man, okay. Did you get it so far? So Rey, because he's legal, is allowed to hit Seth on the apron, but Seth on the apron is not allowed to hit Rey. Now, Seth can hit Aleister I believe, because they are both illegal. So legal can hit illegal, but illegal can not hit legal but illegal can hit illegal. You got all this Mike?
So Vince McMahon is so adamant about this rule that when the wrestlers put together matches, I mean, there are spots they want to do, but they can't because they will violate this rule here. Now, granted, even though I said all that, you are still allowed to break up a pin. So illegal, as noted, can hit legal to break up a pin.

What are your thoughts about Vince McMahon's rule for tag team matches? Does it make any sense for it to be enforced? Let us know your opinions in the comments section.

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Published 13 May 2020, 05:10 IST
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