Reported details on Sasha Banks taking legal steps for her WWE release

Sasha Banks is reportedly moving toward a WWE release
Sasha Banks is reportedly moving toward a WWE release

After walking out on WWE before her scheduled match on RAW, Sasha Banks became the talk of the wrestling world. Shortly afterward, the company suspended both Banks and her partner Naomi without pay, labeling them unprofessional on a Smackdown broadcast as well.

Fans feared the worst for The Boss after the suspension, and it seems those fears might have been realized as WWE has reportedly released her. Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men podcast has now reported that Banks' lawyers have been working towards a release from her contract.

Zarian noted on the podcast that the former Women's Champion's attorneys have been trying to negotiate a release for over a week now:

“I cannot confirm she’s been released, but I did hear late last week that her attorneys were working on getting this done.” (H/T: RSN)

As of now, there is no concrete confirmation of Sasha Banks' release from the company. However, it does seem that The Boss is looking for a way out of the promotion and on to newer things.

It was previously reported that the company was not keen on letting Banks' and Naomi's contracts simply expire within two months and was looking to freeze them. This could very well be the reason behind lawyers getting involved to resolve the mess left behind in the wake of the controversy.

It seems we'll have to be a bit patient to get confirmation from attorneys on her behalf regarding her contract status in WWE.

Sasha Banks has changed up her look following her suspension from WWE

Sasha Banks has remained relatively quiet on social media following her controversial walkout before Monday Night RAW. The Boss recently had pictures surface online showing off her brand new yet nostalgic look.

The former Women's champion was spotted at ophthalmologist center Newsom Eye with a new hair color. The medical institution posted photos and videos of staff hanging out with Banks and detailed her undergoing PRK eye surgery.

Fans online quickly pointed out that her new hair color is quite reminiscent of her early days starting in NXT. It seems Sasha's new look might be a bold move to distance herself from her time in the company.

Sasha Banks certainly looks to be moving forward from WWE, even though that might be the last thing that her fans want from her.

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