Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle squash real-life beef; what happened backstage revealed

Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle.
Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle.

Based on the latest updates from Fighftul Select, the reported heat between Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins might very well be a thing of the past.

Fightful spoke to several people who were backstage at the Survivor Series 2020 PPV, and the feeling was that both the WWE Superstars seemed to have buried the hatchet and squashed their beef.

While Seth Rollins didn't look at Matt Riddle during the Survivor Series match, it was indicated to Fightful that both men approached each other backstage to discuss their issues. The report stated that the problems were 'rectified,' and they would be open to working with each other.

The beginning of the beef between Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins and the possible reason

Seth Rollins was a guest on WWE's Watch Along for the Draft episode in October 2020, and the former Universal Champion revealed that he had no interest in working with Matt Riddle in his career.

"I've got no interest in facing Matt Riddle at any point in my career, so he can go to RAW as far as I'm concerned."

Seth Rollins' comment wasn't taken as a mere storyline barb as several people dug deeper into the matter and unearthed the possible reason. The apparent heat between Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle reportedly stemmed from Riddle's wife's Instagram post. Lisa Riddle called out Becky Lynch and other female WWE Superstars for being 'straight skinny jiggly fat.'

Matt & Lisa Riddle, Becky Lynch, and Seth Rollins.
Matt & Lisa Riddle, Becky Lynch, and Seth Rollins.

That was not all. A fan, who spent some time with Matt Riddle, noted on Twitter that the Original Bro didn't have positive things to say about Rollins during the Survivor Series weekend of 2019. Matt Riddle allegedly believed that Seth Rollins hadn't evolved as a performer, and he was critical about the former Shield member's in-ring and character work.

The former NXT Tag Team Champion is known to rub people the wrong way with his confrontational statements, with his run-ins with Goldberg and Brock Lesnar instantly coming to mind. 

However, Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins ironing out their differences is excellent news for the fans of both Superstars. A feud that previously seemed unlikely to happen on WWE TV can now come together, and the company even has some real-life material to potentially incorporate into the angle.

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