[Spoiler] 5-time Champion rumored to make WWE return at Clash at the Castle and interfere in Roman Reigns' match

Reigns and McIntyre will battle it out for the undisputed world title.
Reigns and McIntyre will battle it out for the undisputed world title

Dr. Chris Featherstone has reported on his Pancakes & Powerslams podcast that Bray Wyatt is set to make his WWE return at Clash at the Castle.

A well-placed source within WWE has revealed that the returning superstar is slated to get involved in the world championship storyline, indicating that he could interfere in Roman Reigns' match against Drew McIntyre.

While there was no clarity regarding the creative plans for Wyatt, he could also appear after the show's main event to send a message to the champion.

In case you missed it, Featherstone accurately reported Kurt Angle's recent return appearance being a one-off cameo and received some exciting details on Bray Wyatt's impending comeback, as you can view below:

"This is the news I received from a source within WWE. Now, of course, things are subject to change, and this is information that I'm receiving. This isn't something that I am like; this is going to happen, but this is a reputable source within WWE," noted Dr. Chris Featherstone. "This is what's going to happen. Right now, the plan is for Bray Wyatt to return at Clash at the Castle with an immediate storyline for the title." [11:30 - 12:07]

Bray Wyatt is a multi-time world champion who deserves a grand reintroduction to wrestling fans due to his unique work over the years.

Dr. Chris Featherstone stated that the company has allegedly been working on a different theme song for the five-time champion. His rumored comeback could be a fantastic spectacle for viewers, added the Sportskeeda Wrestling Senior Analyst:

"Interestingly enough, his theme song. They have been working on this theme song for a while, and it's said to be really, really good. His theme songs are usually creative, and they are eerie and unique, and it looks like this one is going to be the same. So, we shall see." [12:08 - 12:35]

Bray Wyatt has not wrestled since his WWE release

Bray Wyatt attacking Roman Reigns at Castle at the Castle??? 😭

WWE's decision to part ways with Bray Wyatt in July 2021 was considered a significant mistake as the superstar was arguably among the last great characters the company had produced over the past decade.

Reports suggest that Wyatt had a contentious relationship with Vince McMahon, which led to his unfortunate creative mishandling in WWE. The former Universal Champion has intriguingly kept his distance from the wrestling business since being booted out as part of the promotion's widespread budget cuts.

Wyatt has regularly dropped cryptic teasers regarding his inevitable return to professional wrestling, and it seems like the long-awaited day is almost here.

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