Top superstar unwilling to renew contract with WWE because of being paid less than Becky Lynch: Reports

Becky Lynch is allegedly paid more that $3 Million in WWE
Becky Lynch is allegedly earns more that $3 Million in WWE.

Becky Lynch is one of the highest paid WWE superstars today. And Sasha Banks allegedly wanted the same pay as Lynch, but was refused.

The Boss's contract negotiations with WWE reportedly did not go well, but she could return to the company in the future if they paid her the same as Becky Lynch or Charlotte Flair.

Banks allegedly asked for a high price in order to renew her contract. And while WWE was interested in having her back, the belief was reportedly that she was past her prime.

There has been a lot of hearsay about Sasha Banks' future and whether or not she will return to WWE. The Boss has not been seen in WWE since she walked out during an episode of RAW.

Banks is allegedly a free agent at the moment, but can't do anything wrestling related until 2023. She is slated to appear at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 17 in January 2023.

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While The Boss isn't at the level of Becky Lynch or Charlotte Flair in terms of star power, she will still be considered a major asset wherever she goes. However, it seems that Banks' high asking price is something that no company is willing to concede to at this point.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer recently stated:

''She was said to be seeking a number along the levels of Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair and those internally have said she wasn’t offered numbers close to that. They said that she’s not seen internally as somebody who would be on top for the next five years."

It remains to be seen if Sasha Banks will return to the Stamford-based Promotion and become one of its highest paid female superstars.

Will Sasha Banks return despite not being paid as high as Becky Lynch?

As per Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Sasha Banks wanted to be paid as much as Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. There is a chance that she might return to WWE in the future if the company decides to match her salary expectations:

''Long-term, I think at some point she’s going back to WWE if they can work out the money details, or going to AEW if they make her a better offer unless she hits it big outside of wrestling,'' stated Meltzer.

There is also a belief in WWE that her NJPW deal will not last long and that she will return eventually:

''Obviously if Banks goes back to WWE, this will be a short-term deal," Meltzer added. "Those in WWE believe she will be back at some point but have no idea when due to the money issue.''

While Banks is being paid a very high sum of money by NJPW, that is being done to bolster their new women's division. Meltzer stated that Banks is being paid more than Chris Jericho was in NJPW, but expressed doubt whether she would bring in the revenue that he did.

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