Triple H could bring back 34-year-old star as a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble match - Reports

This would be an interesting Rumble return!
This would be an interesting Rumble return!

WWE's Chief Content Officer Triple H has left no stone unturned in giving fans several major surprises over the last few months. The WWE Universe is eagerly looking forward to seeing how he books next year's Royal Rumble and what surprises he has in store for the fans.

Xero News has reported that former WWE Superstar Bronson Read, now known as Jonah, could already be in the plans to be a surprise entrant in next year's Royal Rumble match.

"I'm told Bronson Reed is very likely going to sign a deal with WWE, he may return in the Rumble match. HHH wants a few surprises in his first Rumble," reported Xero News.

A former NXT North American Champion, Bronson Reed was released from WWE in August 2021, much to the shock of many.

The report from Xero News further adds that while Reed won't be the last name to return to WWE, Triple H will likely have a few more returns soon.

"Reed, is not going to be the last name who comes in, but i'm told not to expect 10 more men coming into the company, likely a few more and HHH will leave it there, all comes down to what he thinks is best for business," reported Xero News.

Triple H was reportedly a big fan of Bronson Reed in NXT

Bronson Reed signed with WWE in 2019 and soon started competing on NXT. Gradually, he established himself as a force to reckon with and a fan favorite.

Fightful Select recently reported that Triple H was quite a big fan of Bronson Reed during his time in NXT. Additionally, WWE believes that Reed, aka Jonah, has improved massively since his release from the company.

The former WWE Superstar recently fueled suspicion on social media by posting a picture of a pig-like character that resembles Huskus The Pig from Bray Wyatt's Firefly Funhouse.

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