Triple H 'dropped' plans for top name as soon as he came into power - Reports

The Game was quick to drop Ezekiel from RAW
The Game was quick to drop Ezekiel from RAW

Many changes have taken place ever since Triple H became the head of creative in July 2022. One significant change was Ezekiel being written off TV. He is now set to return to his former Elias Gimmick and will return to RAW next week.

The Game allegedly dropped plans for Ezekiel's character as soon as he took charge.

Elias was repacked as Ezekiel after WrestleMania 38. Zeke was the 'younger brother' of Elias. He had a long-running feud with Kevin Owens. However, the Prizefighter brutally beat Ezekiel, which was a way to write him off. The Drifter is now set to return and take revenge for what Owens did to his brother.

As per Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Triple H dropped the Ezekiel character almost instantly. Elias has not returned for months because he needed time to grow his beard for the Drifter character, which he will be returning to:

''Elias returns on RAW on 10/17. He needed time off to grow back his beard and hair from the Ezekiel character. HHH pretty much dropped Ezekiel as soon as he got power.''

Will Elias finally get a major push under Triple H?

Even though The Drifter is a former 24/7 Champion, he has not held any other championships on the main roster or NXT.

Once considered to be one of the top prospects, he became a comedy character before he was finally revamped as Ezekiel. The report also stated that he is set to resume his program with Kevin Owens.

''They teased Owens for Elias on RAW this week which would be a step backwards for him,'' reported Meltzer.

Considering Triple H dropped any plans for Ezekiel, there is a chance that he will finally get a push under his original gimmick. Though fans enjoyed his stint as the jolly younger brother, his return to being Elias will be a welcome change.

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