Triple H's former agent representing Drew Gulak in return negotiations

  • The former WWE Superstar could return if he is offered the right amount of money in his new deal.
  • WWE previously turned down Drew Gulak's demand for a pay raise.
Modified 25 May 2020, 13:39 IST

Triple H.
Triple H.

The news of Drew Gulak parting ways with WWE came as a big surprise to the WWE Universe. The former Cruiserweight Champion was involved in an ongoing angle on SmackDown and he was expected to get a solid push alongside Daniel Bryan. However, his contract came to an end after the latest SmackDown taping and his deal wasn't renewed. 

It was later revealed by Dave Meltzer that Gulak's deal wasn't dead.

Dave Meltzer provided the latest update and a few more details on Drew Gulak's WWE status in the new Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

As reported earlier, Drew Gulak's contract expired and both sides could not come to terms on a renewal. It's interesting to note that Gulak hired Barry Bloom to represent him in the negotiations with WWE. Meltzer noted that WWE usually doesn't like it when talents hire agents, barring a few exceptions.

Meltzer also stated that Barry Bloom used to represent Triple H and was considered to be one of the most recognized agents in the industry. Bloom has been representing wrestlers since the late '80s when he was the agent of Jesse Ventura.

Meltzer revealed that Bloom's clients are some of the biggest names in professional wrestling today.

Meltzer noted down the following in the WON:

WWE generally doesn’t like it when talent hires agents. The funny thing is that Bloom used to represent Paul Levesque and was the most well known agent for wrestlers dating back to the 80s when he represented Jesse Ventura, and his clients include some of the biggest names in the industry today.


Can WWE and Drew Gulak work out a deal?

It was added that Gulak returning to the WWE is not a dead issue. Drew Gulak reportedly asked for a raise but the WWE officials are currently in no mood to hand out monetary hikes to their talents.

There was a time not too long ago when the company was handing out a lot of money to convince its talents to re-sign, which would have kept them away from AEW and other competitors.

WWE, however, has taken many steps to curb their expenses due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and thus, Gulak's request for a raise was reportedly shot down.

There is still hope, as stated above, of Drew Gulak and WWE possibly agreeing on a figure but that has not happened as of this writing.

Drew Gulak is still a free agent and can accept bookings or sign a contract with another company.

Published 22 May 2020, 18:43 IST
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