WWE reportedly making huge plans for Survivor Series WarGames

Survivor Series Wargames will take place on November 26
Survivor Series WarGames will take place on November 26

Survivor Series 2022 is just around the corner, and WWE has started to prep for the long-running premium live event. However, this time around, a new mix has been thrown in with the announcement of the Grand WarGames match, adding to the fans' excitement.

The WarGames match stipulation has become one of the favorites within the WWE Universe. The concept was reintroduced in 2017 by the then NXT General Manager William Regal after being out in the cold for so long. We've seen all kinds of crazy shenanigans take place inside the double steel caged structure, which consistently produces one of the best matches of the year.

Now, with the match stipulation being introduced on the main roster for the first time, it's been reported by Dave Meltzer that WWE has crazy plans for it. Meltzer also said in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the company wants to make it as amazing as possible so they can use more footage for future WarGames matches.

"We were told that they are looking for some great visual shots of big spots out of this year’s War Games because War Games will be a regular presentation on the main roster going forward and they want spectacular looking shots to promote it in future years," Dave Meltzer wrote.

He added:

"They don’t like the idea of having to use NXT footage to promote a main roster PPV but it’s the only modern WarGames footage they have, and so much of that footage includes guys who they don’t want to use because they are no longer with the company."
Survivor Series WarGames finna be some HEAT

Bayley teases recruiting former WWE Women's Champion for Survivor Series WarGames match

Damage CTRL seems to be enjoying their time tormenting Bianca Belair, Asuka, and Alexa Bliss ever since their faction's debut. The trio will now step inside the vicious WarGames structure for their match at the Survivor Series 2022 Premium Live Event.

Both teams are yet to reveal all their members, with Damage CTRL closing in on their alliance with Nikki Cross to recruit her to their side. Bayley also has her eye on another faction member, Rhea Ripley, considering her valuable contribution to Judgment Day's rising popularity.

In an interview with Sportskeeda's Wrestling's Riju Dasgupta, the former WWE Women's Champion revealed that she'd be open to working alongside Rhea Ripley for the WarGames match.

"I don't think I would recruit anyone on Damage CTRL right now, or at least I won't tell you who it would be, but if I needed another member for WarGames, another teammate, it would be Rhea Ripley because she just bodyslammed Luke Gallows," Bayley said. [9:05 – 9:18]
Get ready for WARGAMES!#SurvivorSeries

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