WWE reportedly has no plans for 34-year-old popular RAW Superstar

Will Nikki Cross return to Raw ahead of Payback?
WWE RAW is the longest-running weekly program in history.

WWE is currently making plans for Payback, and there are several stars who are not expected to be featured on the card.

Despite reinventing herself to win the Money in the Bank contract and being a former Women's Champion, it appears that Nikki Cross may be one of these stars. Cross hasn't been seen on RAW since her loss to Shayna Baszler more than a month ago and has now been relegated to Main Event tapings instead.

According to a report by Ringsidenews, Nikki Cross has been in attendance at recent WWE shows, but the creative team doesn't currently have anything for her.

We were able to confirm that "Nikki Cross is still at television tapings." She is also not injured. The fact is that they have nothing for her right now.

Cross appears to be filling slots when needed on TV until the company can find her a creative direction.

Could Nikki Cross return to exact revenge on Shayna Baszler on WWE RAW?

Since her win over Ronda Rousey at SummerSlam, Shayna Baszler has been flying on RAW and could be on her way to a Women's World title shot. One woman who was pushed aside en route to Baszler's SummerSlam match against Rousey was Nikki Cross.

Cross was quickly defeated by Baszler before Rousey interrupted and set up their match, it clearly overshadowed her loss and took the attention away from Nikki, who had bravely stepped up to the former MMA star.

Ahead of her push towards the title, there could be a storyline for Cross to exact some revenge on Baszler in the coming weeks if the company is able to find a way to add her to creative plans.

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