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WWE Rumours: Chris Jericho may be leaving WWE earlier than expected due to Fozzy commitments

Chris Jericho may be leaving WWE earlier than expected due to commitments for his band Fozzy.

Chris Jericho leaving could mark the end of an era for this future Hall of Famer 

What’s the Story?

According to Cagesideseats.com, Chris Jericho’s band Fozzy have started working on their upcoming album from January 5th, which is a sign that Chris Jericho may be on his way out from the WWE sooner rather than later.

As of this Monday on Raw, he is scheduled to face Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens in a Triple Threat (Handicap) match for the United States championship. All signs are pointing for Chris Jericho to finish his run with the WWE shortly after Wrestlemania despite his other commitments. 

In case you didn’t know:

The band Fozzy started in 1999 and is currently signed to Century Media Records. Originally the band was named Fozzy Osbourne, a tribute to Ozzy Osbourne, and was simply a cover band, while Jericho was going by the name Moongoose McQueen.

Part of the “Moongoose” storyline was that Jericho stayed in character the entire time during interviews. 

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Chris Jericho has had stints with the WWE off and on since he began with the company back in 1999. Back in 2005, he left the company the first time after his contract expired, and came back two years later in 2007. His second hiatus came in 2010 where he left for a year and came back in 2011.

In 2012, he left the company for five months to tour with his band and returned in 2013 at the Royal Rumble. He also had one other hiatus later that year to pursue music and acting and then returned in 2014, having stayed with the company since. 

The Heart of the Matter:

Chris Jericho has stated in numerous interviews that his other dream besides being a professional wrestler was always to be a musician. Today the band has released six albums and are currently working on another one, which is what Jericho is taking his hiatus for.

What’s Next?

At the age of 46, Jericho has done it all in professional wrestling. He has had numerous runs as World Champion, holds the record for most Intercontinental Championships and is still a major player on the WWE Raw roster.

However, due to his love for music, his ability to transition to other ventures such as acting and hosting, this could very well be the end for Chris Jericho in the WWE.

Sportskeeda’s Take:

He is a first-ballot Hall of Famer, and while we will miss seeing him on television, we do believe all good things must come to an end. There isn’t much left for him to accomplish in the industry. Besides being a musician, Jericho is a father of three children as well.

We certainly cannot speak on his behalf, but we believe being on the road all the time away from the family can eventually get to a person. Jericho doesn’t need to prove himself to anybody anymore, so if he is ready to ride off into the sunset, he has earned the right to. 

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