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Goldberg being set up to lose at Survivor Series? Rumours claim

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The WWE creative are rumoured to have cemented their plans for Goldberg’s return

It is being heavily speculated by the rumour mills online (Credit to Cagesideseats) that the WWE creative are apparently setting Goldberg up for a loss at Survivor Series at the hands of Brock Lesnar in the final match of his wrestling career. 

Goldberg made his emphatic return on this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw. A return that was met with immense acclaim and positive feedback all around the world and even dubbed as ‘triumphant’ by WWE themselves. The moment of Goldberg’s return truly brought out 12 years of anticipation and emotion of the WWE Universe and Goldberg alike.

It is now being rumoured that the WWE creative allegedly have had plans for Goldberg to lose to Brock Lesnar all along and that is exactly what might actually happen. 

In what could only be classified as unsubstantiated speculation at this point, we wouldn’t put it past the WWE to book Goldberg taking a loss in this match. As is known, the last time Brock Lesnar and Goldberg faced off was at Wrestlemania 20 on 14th March 2004 at Madison Square Garden, New York.

A Wrestlemania that saw iconic moments such as Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit winning the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship respectively also featured the first encounter between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar in a heavily promoted match.

It had been confirmed, in the weeks leading up to Wrestlemania, that both Brock Lesnar and Goldberg would quit the WWE following the match. Here’s a video of highlights from what transpired when the Myth fought against the Beast for the first time.

The match, which didn’t turn out to be a critically acclaimed one eventually, saw a lot of negative reactions from the crowd. Boos resonated throughout the arena and even upon the conclusion of it with Goldberg winning, the crowd wasn’t into it. Stone Cold had to deliver stunners to both Goldberg and Brock Lesnar to provide a fitting end to the feud.

Goldberg won this match and the record between him and Brock Lesnar is 1-0 in favour of Goldberg.

As per Paul Heyman’s initial in-ring callout of Goldberg, he was quoted as saying: 

“Here’s the one thing that unhinges my beast. Goldberg is still 1-up on Brock Lesnar. Which is why I have been authorised tonight to come out here and let the entire WWE Universe know. Goldberg, you sir are hereby challenged to a fight. One on One. Beast vs. The Myth. Icon vs. Icon. Anywhere. Any place. Any time. Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg”

Clearly the motivation for Brock Lesnar to fight Goldberg is to defeat him. Brock Lesnar is 39 years old and has a good few years of wrestling left in him. He has already ended the once indomitable streak of The Undertaker at Wrestlemania and has routed every challenge in his path ever since he has returned from the UFC.

Having Goldberg waltz into the WWE and register a clean win against the ‘Beast” Brock Lesnar would do Lesnar absolutely no favours. Goldberg, as he has already declared, is going to retire after this match. It makes no booking sense for the WWE to have Goldberg go over Brock Lesnar.

From a business perspective, it makes no sense. Having Goldberg go over Brock Lesnar would not lead to any subsequent spike in ratings or PPV buys because Goldberg will be retiring.

On the contrary, should Brock Lesnar win this epic battle, it will only boost his stock in the WWE and enhance interest in all of his subsequent appearances, of which there are still many left in the tank. The rumours seem to be feeding off of this series of logical conclusions. Here’s a tweet talking about it:

A 49-year old Goldberg winning against a prime Brock Lesnar who is coming off of wins against not only the likes of top WWE superstars such as Randy Orton and The Undertaker but also a legitimate battering victory against UFC Heavyweight stalwart Mark Hunt. We don’t think that one’s going to happen.

Rumours of the WWE creative already having decided these plans continue to persist and it does make a lot of sense. Regardless of the outcome, however, it would certainly be a fulfilling experience for the entire WWE Universe just to be able to experience the in-ring return of Goldberg.

Even if it’s for just one last spear and one last jackhammer. Goldberg’s one last dance in the ring will be a legendary moment and we’re all looking forward to it!

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