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WWE Rumours: Original plans for Emmalina's debut revealed

What is going to happen when the premiere of Emmalina does eventually come to fruition?

Emmalina’s debut has been pushed back for over two weeks now

According to All Wrestling News, there still are plans for Emmalina to feud with Sasha Banks when she debuts. Why she hasn’t returned yet is still not known, even though she was advertised for a return on the Raw before Roadblock: End Of The Line over a week ago.  

The report stated that there were plans to pair her with Dana Brooke again, but those plans have since been nixed.

It is still possible to have her feud with Sasha Banks, but Sasha has just begun a feud with Nia Jax. This feud kicked off on the latest edition of Raw when Sasha Banks called out Charlotte to congratulate her. Instead of The Queen, Nia Jax came out and assaulted the injured Sasha Banks instead.

Reportedly, Emma was supposed to return on the December 12th episode of Raw. The week prior, WWE aired a video package stating that she would return the next week, but she didn’t.

What is interesting is that WWE even mentioned the impending return on their website the night before the show. 

This means that not having her return on the 12th may very likely have been a last-minute decision. At the time, it was reported that WWE decided to debut the Emmalina character after Roadblock: End Of The Line because they wanted to start off fresh feuds. 

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However, the saga of the “Premiering Soon” videos continued. WWE has been airing these video packages for the repackaged Emmalina since the beginning of October.

The build-up to her return has had many WWE fans clamouring for it. It appears that Emma, too, is aware of the anticipation of her return and has been Tweeting about the same:

She even went to the extent of teasing the WWE fans about the four horsewomen (Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Bayley and Becky Lynch):

Emma has been medically cleared to compete since August. She has been making appearances on house shows under her old “Evil Emma” gimmick and has done multiple guest referee appearances on the Live events as well. The appearances on Live events seem like they were done for her to shake off her ring rust.

She has been travelling with the WWE crew for a while which makes it all the more surprising that she has yet to re-debut.

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