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WWE Rumours: Reasons for the delay in Emmalina's debut

The makeover of former WWE Diva Emma into Emmalina has been a well-publicised affair on RAW. But why are we still waiting two months later?

WWE Diva Emma has already been through a huge transformation before

For months now, RAW has been airing vignettes advertising the return of WWE Diva Emma. The segments have been promoting the idea that Emma has been given a makeover, and that her new character – Emmalina – will be premiering soon.

The longer the vignettes have been airing, the more mystique and excitement has built around the return. Eventually, a ‘premier date’ of 12th December was scheduled. However, 12th December came and RAW passed without the advertised debut of their repackaged diva.

In fact, all that was put forward by WWE was another advertisement for the return sporting the tagline – ‘Premiering Soon.’

There has been little to no indication from the WWE or Emmalina herself as to how soon will the return happen, or when she will be debuting her new act. However, Emma did take to her own personal Twitter page soon after RAW in order to offer an explanation as to her absence;  

However, recently there have been two slightly different rumours circulating as to why the debut hasn’t happened yet.

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Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio has, on Twitter, spoken about the delay in the return now being an ‘inside joke’ in the WWE:

On the post recent episode of his podcast, Meltzer drew parallels between the current Emmalina angle and the renovation of Brodus Clay; where he was teased for weeks before eventually debuting, not as the monster destroyer we had all imagined but with the now infamous dancing gimmick.

The debut of Emmalina has been relentlessly publicised by the WWE

Similarly, Ringside News have reported that WWE officials are pausing before finally firing on the Emmalina angle as they cannot decide on a concrete feud to bring her in on. They have also reported that WWE have scrapped two different angles for the former NXT Superstar.

The first angle was to have her debut and confront Sasha Banks as a way for the Legit Boss to transition away from her feud with Charlotte Flair. On this week’s RAW, however, it was made clear that this angle was given to Nia Jax instead.

The second binned storyline was to pair Emmalina and Dana Brooke together again, similar to their successful run together in NXT before the former's injury in May. 

Both these angles would have seen Emmalina playing a heel, and while we are still waiting for her, the activity and posts on her Twitter account would certainly lead fans to believe that she does plan to return to her heel persona as opposed to her dancing face character. 

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