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WWE Rumours: WWE seriously considering turning John Cena heel

Rohit Nath
20.82K   //    17 Oct 2016, 12:24 IST
The Heel that runs the place?

This is a topic that is brought up ever so often, but nevertheless, it is something that is a lingering desire of the fans. Now, there are rumours coming out from multiple sources such as Forbes that WWE is now seriously considering pulling the trigger on Cena turning heel.

Given the fact that Cena now has a completely lighter schedule, WWE creative is now apparently discussing now more than ever about the leader of the Cenation potentially turning heel. There have been ideas for a long time to do a similar turn to that of Hulk Hogan in WCW in the 90s, where he turned into Hollywood Hogan.

However, up till now, Vince McMahon had been consistently turning down the idea. It is interesting as now, Cena is in a very different stage of his career. His “super Cena” days are over and he has been out of the long-term main event picture for over 2 years now.

He hasn’t even main evented a PPV since Summerslam 2014, although WWE seems to be recording the No Mercy opener as the main event. Also, he has been putting over a lot of upcoming stars and last year he helped elevate the United States Championship with his “US Open Challenge” gimmick.

The effort simultaneously helped elevate stars such as Neville and Cesaro, the latter whom definitely has had a good deal of spotlight in the eyes of the fans since. 

It would be interesting to see Cena go through a heel turn, especially if he did a  Hollywood Cena similar to Hogan and Rock’s Hollywood personas. It would certainly make sense, as Cena has been transitioning into hosting award shows, doing TV shows and also acting in movies as well.

The run he has had as the company’s top star for over a decade has seen him being a babyface despite being a polarising figure among the fans. However, fact of the matter is, Cena represents the company and does several Make-A-Wishes for children, being the record holder of doing Make-A-Wish, with the numbers being over 500.

Also, Cena is one of the top merchandise sellers and is surely the all-time highest merchandise seller in the company’s history. This alone makes WWE very reluctant to turn Cena heel, and it is something Cena has stated himself.

However, as the immortal Hulk Hogan himself said about the topic – “Never say never”.

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