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Rusev bashes fan who asks WWE to drop Lana-Bobby Lashley angle

Published Nov 10, 2019
Nov 10, 2019 IST

Lashley, Lana, and Rusev
Lashley, Lana, and Rusev

WWE Superstar Rusev recently hit back at a fan who asked WWE to drop the angle involving Lana and Bobby Lashley. The angle kicked off on the season premiere episode of Monday Night RAW, and is garnering incredibly good numbers on social media.

Lana turns on Rusev

It all started when Rusev fought Seth Rollins in the main event of Monday Night RAW on the season premiere edition. The match was interrupted by a returning Bobby Lashley, who went on to introduce Lana, to the absolute shock of Rusev.

What happened next was a major indication of WWE bringing back shades of the Attitude Era. A helpless Rusev watched on as Lana and Lashley kissed on the ramp. The new lovebirds later revealed that they love each other, but Rusev wasn't one to give up yet. On a recent episode of RAW, Rusev confronted Lana inside the ring, but this didn't end well for the Bulgarian Brute. Lana distracted Rusev enough for Lashley to attack him and put him down.

The storyline has been getting a huge response on social media. On one hand, fans are bashing the angle on a regular basis on social media. On the other hand, the videos featuring Lana, Lashley, and Rusev are doing amazing numbers on WWE's official Youtube and Twitter handles.

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Rusev blasts fan on Twitter

One fan decided to call out WWE on Twitter and asked the company to drop the entire angle. He stated that if WWE cancels the storyline without giving the fans any explanation, he's good with it. This tweet caught Rusev's eye and he decided to respond to the fan. Rusev addressed the fan and told the latter that no one cares what he's good with. Check out the exchange below -

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