Rusev hints that the love-triangle storyline on WWE RAW might change

Rusev is hopeful that the storyline might change
Rusev is hopeful that the storyline might change

WWE SmackDown commentator Corey Graves said on his latest episode of After The Bell podcast that he wants WWE to end the love-triangle storyline involving Bobby Lashley, Rusev and his wife Lana. The love-triangle has been one of the most primarily featured storylines in WWE in recent weeks.

Graves compared the storyline to a ridiculous soap opera and said that it hampers the potential of both Rusev and Bobby Lashley. He added that both Lashley and Rusev are talented Superstars and WWE should let them perform in the ring without having to tell a storyline that makes them look ridiculous.

Graves is not the only one who has vented his frustration over the storyline. The storyline has also been met with backlash from a large section of the WWE Universe with some fans even going as far as to send vulgar comments and death-threats to Bobby Lashley and Lana.

One such fan took to Twitter to thank Graves for calling out WWE to end the storyline. Rusev then retweeted the fan's tweet and promised that it will surely change since Graves has said it.

The storyline in question

Rusev was having a title match with WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins on the main event of the September 30 episode of Monday Night RAW. The match ended in a no-contest when Bobby Lashley and Lana came out to interrupt them. Lashley and Lana then kissed in front of everyone and Rusev, where the latter had no other choice but to watch them.

In the following weeks, Rusev and Lashley continued to brawl against each other over Lana where The Ravishing Russian said he left Rusev because he could not satisfy her. On October 31 at the Crown Jewel PPV, The Bulgarian Brute got his hands on The All Mighty when they squared off against one another as a member of Team Hogan and Team Flair respectively.

Rusev challenged Lashley to a match on the November 4 episode of RAW but Lashley came out to the stage on crutches along with Lana and said he was not medically cleared to compete because of a torn groin. In Lashley's stead, Drew McIntyre faced Rusev and Lashley showed that he was not injured when during the match he attacked Rusev with his crutches.

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