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Ryback and Mark Henry break NFL record in a weight-lifting competition

News 28 Mar 2013, 14:05 IST
Mark Henry

Mark Henry

In an effort to hype their WrestleMania match, Ryback and Mark Henry competed with each other in a weight-lifting competition instead of wrestling, at SmackDown tapings last night.

However, the SmackDown segment showing this, stands spoiled by the WWE website. They later announced that both Ryback and Mark Henry managed to break the previous NFL record of 225-pound bench press with 51 repetitions, set by Justin Ernest in 1999. Both succeeded in completing 53 repetitions each in the same category, to break the record.

After Mark Henry set the new record with 53 repetitions, yet again he played the spoilsport in Ryback’s attempt to break his new record. It is believed that the moment Ryback was attempting his 54th repetition, Henry interrupted and pushed down the bar on his neck.

Was it the last face-off between the two before the WrestleMania? Well, we have to wait and see if Ryback becomes a victim of Henry’s Hall of Pain or Ryback manages to feed on him.

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